Guest House Kuantan 3 Rooms Fully Air Condition

Guest house is a place for relax when you are on vacation especially when you are looking for a place that:

  • have a comfort like your own home,
  • cheaper price compared to hotels,
  • can accommodate more people in one place.

The Terrace Homestay offers 3 guest houses that fulfill the above criteria. The guest houses are located in the same row of terrace house. It is very convenient for those who are travelling in a group.

We have operated since September 2013 and alhamdulillah, all of our guests are happy and satisfy with the cleanliness and comfort. That is the standard that we will keep. In shaa Allah.

Our price is the most reasonable in Kuantan since the guest house is located near Kuantan town; approximately 10 minutes drive. We provide:

  • 3 air conditioned rooms
  • water heater in both bathrooms
  • Astro nJOI channels
  • quality bed linen for your comfort
  • refrigerator
  • washing machine; if you plan for a longer stay

Feel free to browse through our facilities by clicking here. We will bring you to a page with all the facilities photos. Or, if you prefer to watch a short video of our guest house, click here. It will give you the exact vision of how our guest house looks like.


This is the guest house that you are looking for?

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